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Economic Development & Business Impacts:

  • Projected incremental revenue is $72.1 million by 2015.
  • Provide direct employment support for upwards of 9,577 jobs.
  • Generate $303.5 million in direct wage and salary payments during the three years .
  • National studies indicate that every $1 spent in surface transportation creates $4 in direct economic benefits.
  • Improved roads and highways attract new industries to our community, stimulating our economy and diversifying our base.

To learn more about Fuel Revenue Indexing from the Regional Transportation of Southern Nevada, visit their Fuel Revenue Indexing page.

The above data assumes 30-year bonds, 1.5x debt service coverage, Federal fuel tax rate is indexed (assumed at 5.79% annually), and a 6.5% interest rate.  Economic and Fiscal Impact of Fuel Indexing in Southern Nevada, Applied Analysis, January 2012 (adjusted for indexing rate and revised projection assumptions in September 2012).